To run the Lions Martian Race we need about 50 volunteers each year. The race cannot be held without them. They help in many ways in the lead up to and, most importantly, during the actual race. Roles include course setup, marshaling, dispensing water at the water stations, car park supervision and helping in the event village.

If you are interested then please email racedirector@martianrace.org indicating if you have any previous experience of volunteering at a race. If you have a particular role that you’d like to do then mention this also. Your help would be much appreciated.


If you are a marshal then you will be responsible for manning a key point along the route, such as a turn or a route-split, where runners benefit from the reassurance of a person to reinforce the directions given by the course signage. Your primary role will be to make sure the runners follow the correct route. You may also need to render assistance if a runner is injured or feels unwell. And finally you can cheer on the runners as they pass, they really appreciate such encouragement.

Marshals will be organised into teams with a designated team-leader who will know the common and where all the marshal points are. Your team will have a designated rendezvous point where you will meet and be briefed on the morning of the race. Your team will then travel to the appropriate part of the common and your team-leader will escort you to your designated marshal point. You will be given a two-way radio so that you are always in contact with the race director and will be able to hear what is going on around the course. At the end of the race, when the tail runner has passed, you will return to your team’s transportation collecting up signs and course markers as you go. You will then be driven back to the rendezvous point.